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    ations■ of strengtheni■ng waste trea●tment.Accordi◆ng to the report, B◆eijing will form pr?/p>

  • Wei〓xiang made ●a rep

    駉fessional ●recycling teams all〓owing only personne○l with relevant q○ualifications to

    wo◆rk in this fiel○d, standard●izing supervision● and managemen〓t. The last Saturda■y of each ●month was cho◆sen to be the da●y that recyclab〓le resources● are collected. Res●i

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    dents can mak■e online appointmen■ts for rec〓ycling, and r〓elevant telephone n●umbers and the list■ of recyclable item○s will

ort to th◆e

12th Session of th●e Sta

be ●published.Chen Lil○ing, Vice Direc〓tor of Beijing○ Municipal Commi●ssion of City Admin■istration and Envir○onmen

nding Commi?/h3>

t, said in a〓n interview○ that according● to the principles■ for waste sort●ing, renewable res○ources will f〓irst be removed● from residents鈥?h〓omes and then be◆

駎tee of Beijing

transferred i〓nto the recyc■ling system. Presen〓tly, commerci●al departments alo◆ng wi

Pe〓ople's Co

th re○levant departments a◆re formulating a● plan for the lau〓nch of "renewable re◆sources day". T◆his w

ng〓ress about the, devel◆opme

ork is expecte○d to begin i■n August or Septemb●er this year. Fo●r the convenience● of residents,◆ recyc

nt of the prop■os, al for 鈥渕o

ling teams ○will go to resid●ential communities t〓o inform resident●s what sorts of〓 waste can 〓be sold

dern◆izing wast〓, e collection
and t■reatment i

◆n order to d

or recycled●.10 billion y◆uan will be investe○d in the develop●ment of wa○ste treatment facili■tiesBy 2015, Beijing■ will build ■or renovate an?/p>

?additional 40 wa◆ste treatment ●facilities with ●direct inve■stments of ar■ound 10 billion 〓yuan.Meanwhile, Beij●ing plans to buil◆d 300 renewable r○es

ource recyclin〓g stations in eig●ht urban districts ○in 2009 and comp■lete the construc〓tion of 13 renewabl

Collect from /

evelo■p an en

e● resource sorting 〓centers. By 2015●, recycling stations〓 will cove○r the enti■re city.In ○addition, regar○ding problems lik〓e the smell a■t refuse lan○dfills and gas e?/p>

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issions at ref●use incinerati●on plants,● Chen said t◆hat before Octobe■r 1, 2009, Beijin

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